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Begging for her freedom

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She had wide and broad shoulders

That carried us all

During the roaring and ferocious winds

Out in the cold all alone.

That was my mother.


She fought and won wars

That were too complex for her.

While all those she trusted

Turned their backs on her

And alone and lonely she conquered.


Today in her sleep

Those who never dared to face her

Still torment her name

As they cannot touch her soul

And in her slumber, she still fights back.


A woman is a rock indeed

That stands still in the face of challenges.

With her mouth permanently shut

I can still hear her war cry

And it pierces deep inside me.


Can you let her rest?

For she has very little energy left

After facing all the wars on her own.

Let her enjoy the eternal peace

And please, afford her time to prepare for our inevitable arrival.




Author: siphos1

I was born sometimes in the early 1960's in a small town of Nquthu. This is where the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 took place. I studied in Lesotho and South Africa. I realised my addiction to the written word very early in my life. As you may be aware I only took action not so long ago. This is how I claim this title: author, Poet, Speaker or should I say Blogger as well?

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