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You may be gone but…

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Every time I go to sleep

I see your round wrinkled face

Covered in a smile,

Though you never had a reason to laugh.


Every time I listen

I hear your sweet soothing voice

Telling me to march on

Because the land of honey was near.


Every time I think of you

I see all your toiling

Meant to put a plate on our laps

Even if it meant scavenging like a stray dog.


Every Time I hear your name

I confirm that you were a brave woman

Who gave all her life

For the love and life of us all.


And though you are gone  

I feel you live among your grandchildren

Even though they are yet to meet you

And feel your ever present and endless love.


Author: siphos1

I was born sometimes in the early 1960's in a small town of Nquthu. This is where the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 took place. I studied in Lesotho and South Africa. I realised my addiction to the written word very early in my life. As you may be aware I only took action not so long ago. This is how I claim this title: author, Poet, Speaker or should I say Blogger as well?

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