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The last prayer

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Take me back

To my mother’s womb

Where there is warmth,

Happiness and love.


What was once my home has been strafed.

Flying bullets have blinded my eyes and blocked my tiny ears.

I hear nothing but wailing children

Yelling for their mothers and father prostrated on the ground.


The powerful have spoken

All I can do is duck now and again

To save my only possession –

My innocent soul.


Mortars and smoke

Hide the sky from me,

But not me from You

For Your eyes, can see through the thickest darkness.


Come for me now

I see no light

It’s midnight darkness,

And hope is what I lack.



Author: siphos1

I was born sometimes in the early 1960's in a small town of Nquthu. This is where the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 took place. I studied in Lesotho and South Africa. I realised my addiction to the written word very early in my life. As you may be aware I only took action not so long ago. This is how I claim this title: author, Poet, Speaker or should I say Blogger as well?

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