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She didn’t make it


If only she made it…,

She could be hugging and kissing:

Dad, mum and brothers.

Making her presence felt at home,

And getting inducted to house rules

Before becoming a lady.

If only she made it…

She could be eight by now,

Dressed in her bright school uniform.

Playing with her mates,

And venturing into the real world,

Before becoming a big girl.

If only she made it…

She could be soaring like an eagle,

Away from the embracing wings of her loved ones.

Learning to hunt and survive,

And slowly learning to be a responsible citizen

So that she could be a wife and a caring mother.

If only she made it…,

But sadly she could not survive

Even the nine months protection

In her mother’s warm and life-giving womb.

She could not be given love, life and a name of her own

Because she didn’t make it.


Author: siphos1

I was born sometimes in the early 1960's in a small town of Nquthu. This is where the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 took place. I studied in Lesotho and South Africa. I realised my addiction to the written word very early in my life. As you may be aware I only took action not so long ago. This is how I claim this title: author, Poet, Speaker or should I say Blogger as well?

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